Sell your iPhone 7
Model A1660, A1778, A1779


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to ship my device to you?

It’s totally up to you! We can send you a shipping label for free – all you need to do is package your device and mail it to our address.

Otherwise, you can always come by to our store and sell you device in person.

How do I get paid and when?

If you decide to sell your device in person (at our store), we will pay you in Cash, via E-transfer or PayPal right away.

If you ship it to us – we process the payment via E-transfer or PayPal within one business day.

Do I need to bring accessories, charger, box?

No, no need! You can still ship any of those if you’d like to – we will recycle them to our local electronic waste departments in order to help the environment.

Do you buy broken smartphones at all?

Absolutely! We do buy pretty much all kind of damaged phones. Those will be repaired (or recycled) and will find a new owner. We even focus on buying broken electronics since it’s a huge help to our environment.

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Changed your mind and want to repair instead?

No problem! We do repairs as well – from iPhones to tablets, laptops, MacBooks and more.

Our services also include mail-in repairs that are performed in store and then shipped back to you after the repair is done.

For more info please visit our mail-in repair section!