Galaxy Tab E Repair in Vancouver


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my Galaxy Tab fixed?

Normally we take all tablets including Samsung devices for full 24 hours. The reason behind is the necessity to seal the tablet properly – it takes at least 6 hours to do so.

Will my Galaxy Tab remain water resistant?

In some way – yes. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the full water resistance as it was sealed at the factory. We highly do not recommend exposing your Galaxy Tab to any liquids before and after the repair.

Is there a warranty after the repair is done?

Absolutely! 12 months warranty is included in your repair. Issues with touch functionality, screen lifting are covered.
However, physical damage is not covered by the warranty.

Will my touch screen work after the replacement?

Absolutely yes! We thoroughly test all Surface LCDs before and after the replacement. So, please do not worry about it!

Galaxy Tab E Repair Pricing

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Repair Service


Glass/Display Replacement

From $85

Battery Replacement

From $55


From $45

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Previously Repaired Devices

Galaxy Tablet Mail-in Repair Canada

Live outside Vancouver? No problem!

Our services include mail-in repairs that are performed in store and then shipped back to you after the repair is done.

For more info please visit our mail-in repair section!